One month

The last blog I wrote with the title “One Month” was referring to my first month in Swansea; now this one with the identical title is somehow my final month. I have no idea how this is possible…How can a dream that started as a tiny idea in my 15 year old possibly only have one month left? As I sit and reflect on the last four and a half months, I can’t even begin to explain everything I’ve learned, experienced, and gained as a person. I mentioned in an earlier post, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget my mom telling me as she hugged me goodbye in the airport “all your dreams are coming true”, as my eyes were filled with tears as I wandered off into the line for a plane taking me to a completely unknown future.

I am currently visiting my French BFF in Paris, and all I’ve thought third my visit here is how incredibly lucky I am in so many ways. Lucky to be able to continue my education in a new country and continent, lucky to gain so many new friends and special people in my life, lucky to visit new cities and explore new cultures, lucky to try all the foods (both good and bad), and lucky to have loved ones excited for my arrival back in America in a month. I am truly the luckiest gal in all the world.

Life in Swansea is rarely boring to me, if I am ever looking for something to do I can just grab some pals or even just myself and wander to the beautiful beach. I will miss this more than anything when I’m back in my landlocked state (sorry ND but you are the geographical Center of America and as far away from an ocean as possible). There are so many small blessings that come from living there that I will long for when I’m home.

HOWEVER, I rarely think of what is to come when this incredible journey is over, as I have so much to still look forward to. Tomorrow we head to Dublin to fulfill yet another dream of mine of visiting Ireland. After our return to Swansea and one more exam, my Best friend Carroll is coming from across the pond to experience good old Wales and I could not be more excited. To add onto that, French BFF Margaux is coming too. Like I said, luckiest person in the entire world.  To add to the list – Summer ball at Swansea Uni, Coldplay concert in London,  a couple more tourist visits to London, probably an impromptu trip to somewhere new, and of course days of straight Beachin’. So many festivities that there is no time for sadness.

There are also so many things I look forward to returning to- MY DOG, family, friends, driving wherever and whenever I want, good food, and peers and professors at UND. I dread nothing as I know I will always have memories and photos to continue this experience forever.

Life is so good y’all, cherish every moment and every person. Smile at strangers, eat good food, and laugh often. Thanks for reading yet again!!! Enjoy some Paris pics! See you soon and au revoir,



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Just a gal who likes adventures- especially if they involve pizza.
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4 Responses to One month

  1. Rita McDonald says:

    You are such a brave and awesome young lady my dear granddaughter! I am so very proud of you and so happy you have such an open mind and heart to new experiences. Can’t wait to see you! I love you, Gabby


  2. Matt Hiller says:

    Hey Rosie! So glad to hear Swansea is everything you hoped it would be. I knew it would. 🙂 It is such a wonderful place. I’m just sorry I won’t be at UND when you return to hear all of your great stories! Enjoy your last month abroad and good luck on your finals!


    • rosiemcd123 says:

      Hi Matt! So good to hear from you, although when I heard you were leaving UND I was very sad, I hope the move went well and all is going great! Thanks so much for the kind words and for helping me choose Swansea, it was easily the best decision I ever made. 😀


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