Bring Qdoba to Wales 

After weeks and even months of avoiding it, I have officially booked my plane ticket to return to good old US of A. On June 27th the states will once again be graced with my presence. This idea sends emotions through my head I can’t even begin to explain. Much of it sadness, but also excitement to return to the things I miss dearly (qdoba).

The feeling in the air of the Hendrefoilan and even Swansea amongst our group of pals is pretty clear- we have much less time here than we’ve been here, if that makes sense. Some of our friends only have a week to a month left, which is insane. We have fallen into such a routine of spending every day together that the thought of being apart seems impossible.

I have been trying to work through those thoughts in my head concerning returning home, and I have not been successful in translating them. There are so many things, people, foods, and little details I miss about home. I get random moments of wishing I was home for about five minutes, then realize if I actually was I would probably cry and want to be back in Swansea. I have had recurring dreams from the beginning of my time here that I am back in Grand Forks, however I realize in the dream that I still have school to attend, so I then proceed to try to buy my plane ticket but something always stops me- usually it’s either being poor or the dream just ends. This has happened at least five or six times now, and I being to wonder what my subconscious mind is feeling. Sometimes dreams really have a way of showing things you are burying deep inside your brain. Which probably explains the dream I had the other night where I couldn’t decide whether I wanted spaghetti or tator tots for supper so I chose both. 

ANYHOO, there is a plethora of fun festivities to look forward to in our remaining time, and for now I will enjoy my last two months in the country I have grown to love with the people who have changed my life. But for all you Americans patiently awaiting my arrival, you at least have a date to count down to now!!! Thanks for reading and SEE YOU SOON,



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Just a gal who likes adventures- especially if they involve pizza.
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