2.5 weeks 5 countries

Hola amigos,

Everyone thankfully arrived safe and sound in good ol’ Swansea after all of our European adventures. It turns out that constant buses, trains, language barriers, walking, navigating, and searching for tacos is both mentally and physically exhausting. It is definitely not something I could do everyday, but it was incredible; worth every penny and stress. However, it felt pretty great to be back in Wales. I tried to decide a way to document all of our experiences, and realized I would be really crap at writing it all out. Therefore, what better way to show our extravaganza then through the lense of my iPhone 6s (after I got it fixed, shout out to the guy in the French apple store who spoke zero English for fixing it!!) So, here is just a glimpse into our 18 day journey through Europe- ENJOY !!



About rosiemcd123

Just a gal who likes adventures- especially if they involve pizza.
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