Every spring break of my life up to this point has consisted of either visiting family the next state over, sleeping, eating, watching TV with my dog, or some combination of all of these. Therefore this impending three-week long holiday is both a dream come true and a nightmare at the same time. The nightmare part is the planning, where as the dream come true is the actual adventure. My friend Lexie & I will say Peace Out to Swansea and attempt to navigate our way through 5 countries without getting ourselves lost or into too much trouble. The title of this basically gives away my feelings for the past month or so- planning a three week long Spring Break tour through five countries is NOT THAT MUCH FUN. It basically feels like a combo of torture and homework- which are actually quite similar.


The reason why planning such a big trip is so difficult is because there are so many details and kinks to work out. You not only have to choose how many places you can squeeze into three weeks, you have to figure out how to get to each place, how to get between each place, where to sleep, what you will actually be DOING in these places (we have yet to do this), and I won’t even begin to start on the packing. This is mainly because I haven’t started packing because I don’t want to think about the pain of “packing lightly”. Those who know me know I’m not particularly good at that.

HOWEVER, this problem is probably the best in the world to have, because this trip is something I have dreamed of for as long as I can remember.Our journey starts off by spending a night in Amsterdam, then heading to Ghent, Belgium, then spending a week in France (Paris & Marseilles), hopping and skipping our way to Barcelona, and finally ending our festivities by meeting up with our fellow crazy Americans to be on a three day Greek cruise. To say I’m excited would never be able to explain how pumped I truly am. The only downside is I don’t think I have any luggage space to pack 17 days worth of marshmallows and cholula so I might have to go without.

To continue my streak of having the worst luck with phones in the entire world, my two month old iPhone 6s decided to crap out on me about an hour before our bus left for London. Hence the lateness of this section- laugh out loud. I am now getting used to the heartbreak of losing every photo ever and just accepting the fact that the memories live in my head. It’s ok to cry for me if you want. 

We are three days into our adventure, and  every day gets better and better. Some of our favorite parts have  been when a loaded older couple offered us a ride to our Airbnb in Belgium, or when we thought we were buying waffles from a vending machine but it turned out to be a loaf of bread (blessing in disguise for sure, no regrets). Luckily we found an Apple Store on one of our stops on the way and although the guy spoke zero English he fixed my phone in about 28 seconds. Next stop is Paris!

Also, I have definitely ran out of mallows already so the struggle is getting real. Still have plenty of cholula.
See you soon!





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Just a gal who likes adventures- especially if they involve pizza.
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